Mitchel Corner, 22, Creative Media, Dunbar Studiomitchel

Background: Marketing, Digital Media, Creative Writing

When I was offered a position at Intimation Creative, it is fair to say that I was nothing short of ecstatic. Being afforded the opportunity to showcase your abilities and learn first hand from a team of esteemed designers/developers is everything that any young, aspiring apprentice hopes for. I can’t begin to explain how excited I was to start this new chapter in my working career, and how grateful I was that Intimation Creative could see my potential and unwavering determination.

Since joining the Dunbar team in a Creative Media and PR role two months ago, I have worked primarily on two creative projects. The first was a Kinetic Text Animation for a leading IT solutions company. The second was an animated Infographic for a property investment giant. Each project brought it’s own challenges to the table for a newbie such as myself! Challenges that I could not have overcome without the tremendous support and guidance from my colleagues Robin, Kev and Steve (as well as the team in the Gateshead Studio). Working alongside such experienced and client-focused individuals opened my eyes to the internal workings of the company, and showed me how incumbent it is to execute and maintain professionalism, organisation and creative receptiveness.

In my short time at Intimation Creative, I’ve learned many new skills that I can build on and implement in new and upcoming projects. As well as this, I am continuing to develop on the relationships with my colleagues. By taking inspiration from their work and methods, listening to their advice and putting forwards my own suggestions, I am beginning to feel like an integral part of the Intimation team. Not only will I be assisting Intimation Creative with design work, I will also be offering up my services to public relations and digital marketing agency, Rubber Lips. Working closely with Director, Lisa Henderson, I hope to hone my creative writing skills and cultivate my understanding of social media marketing. I have already produced a written piece for a well-known Scottish holiday park’s website.

I joined Intimation Creative for the chance to prove myself in a fast paced, full service design and marketing agency. At first, this was a daunting prospect. However as time has progressed, I feel that I have thrived in what is a completely new environment for me. Although my current experience level is limited and ever growing, the team has given me the confidence to expand on my creative thinking and contribute my own ideas. I am filled with excitement and eagerness about what lies ahead of me with regards to my future at the company.


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