Newcastle based Quorum Business Park has taken the initiative to promote their sustainability practices to commuters by advertising on public transport.

The north-east company are aiming to target site employees who bring their car to work at the Park each day.

“By catching the service bus from the city centre out to Quorum BP, employees are not only saving money on expensive fuel but are being kinder to our environment; something which Quorum management place a huge importance on”

The buses, which run frequently, especially during rush hours, take only 10 minutes to reach the Park from Newcastle centre and are operated by Arriva in Jesmond.

“They are attracting a reasonable amount of attention due to the eye-catching livery and “Quorum Express” wording. Our aim is to discourage people from using their cars and encourage them on to the Quorum bus”

Intimation Creative’s Gateshead studio is responsible for the livery design, print and application, and were delighted to be contracted for the job as part of ongoing marketing support for Quorum Business Park: “Intimation have built of a strong business relationship with the team at Quorum and we were delighted to be tasked with the new livery design in support of Quorum’s sustainability program”, says Andy Smith of Intimation Creative, “the spec for the job was to provide a vibrant design, promoting the daily service to Quorum Business Park”.


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