Kevin Shaw Design/Artwork
Kevin Shaw – Design/Artwork, Intimation Creative Ltd

Heading up the coding team at Intimation, Kev spends his days making sure all company created, managed and monitored websites, work, and work well. Endless, minute detail coding ensures this is the case, doubled with ‘computer-speak’ conversations he holds with Paul; incomprehensible to most, but highly effective.

His range of skills reach beyond the multitude of machines on his desk however; Kev is also artistically talented, creating impressive projects, out of, well….nothing. These skills and wealth of usually, related knowledge, make him the one stop shop at Intimation so, if in doubt, “ask Kev” who also carries a handy range of tools, for all occasions, in his pocket!

Known also for his charming wit (or is it witty charm!?) and flowing locks, Kev’s history is of the rainbow variety, not solely due to his rock band past, although his vocally apparent (and shared) distaste of Radio 2 would suggest otherwise.

Always handy with a catchphrase, Kev’s your man for anything and everything web based at Intimation and with his endless patience and ability to talk the talk, he ensures that each #jobsagoodun.

Reach Kev at the Dunbar studio: 01368 864 786 /



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