If the world of coding and computer speak is your ‘bag’, then you should have plenty to talk about with Paul.

Paul has been working for Intimation, in the Dunbar studio for just over one and a half years (19 months), following an internship, during which he got to know clients and the type of jobs he would be getting involved with, should a suitable position become available. When one did, Paul was first in line and he was warmly accepted to the team in March 2014, since when he has worked on key projects for International Aerospace Coatings, The Hippodrome, Lomond Wholesale and Maxim Park amongst others and offering in-house website training for many more.

profile_image_paul_webSince joining the team, Paul has enthused about back-end programing, speaking with Kev, in a language all of their own, unintelligible to others within earshot.

He does however enjoy the ‘normal’ chat in the office too, regaling us all with his recent house move stories and entertaining the Dunbar crew with his Sky at Night “did you know” facts.

Known to be handy with a golf club (!!), Paul is looking forward to this year’s Company Golf Day, where he can demonstrate his skills hitting something different – a golf ball!

Reach Paul at the Dunbar studio: 01368 864 786 / paul@www.intimation.uk


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