As a young designer with a passion for fonts, paragraph styles (boring I know) and all things typographical I was pretty stoked to be offered a place studying newspaper design and information graphics at the Poynter Institute in Tampa, Florida after I graduated. I say graduated – because of the way my studies in America overlapped with the end of my course in the UK, I was in sunny climbs when our graduation photos were being taken, so mum has no actual proof of my graduation (this is still a bone of contention years later!).

On completing my studies I was fortunate enough to work out in the States, working for some of the most influential papers and media agencies.

Well, nearly 10 years on things have changed a little. I’m no longer working in America for a start and no longer working for the free press (whatever that means these days!). Today you can find me back in my beloved North East at Intimation’s studio in Gateshead. We’re a small team but perfectly formed as they say, each person bringing their own influence to the table. Though I think about the Grey Lady (The New York Times) from time to time, I find I’m never that far away as I find in every project which I’m involved with I’m fortunate enough that the team and our clients let me indulge in paragraph styles and font styles to my hearts content. The skills I learned cutting my teeth in studios across the pond still hold water with current projects, from setting up magazine styles for The Wildlife Trusts, creating engaging branding for the Belhaven Brewery to being involved with the creation of a new font for an emerging ice cream brand.

As 2012 comes to a close, I’m looking back at what’s been a great year with new client wins and continued work with clients that have been with us from the start. We’ve expanded the team over the year in both our Gateshead and Haddington studios and we’re looking forward to 2013.

With so many varied projects all under the one studio I’m definitely not type cast!

Andy Smith


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