HelloReport is a streamlined SaaS solution for estate agents and landlords that allows them to easily create, store and share comprehensive inventory reports for their property portfolios. The online tool helps reduce disputes between estate agents/landlords and their tenants. Available on both desktop and as an app download, the software is utilised by thousands of users, offering a better way to create inventories, inspections and check-outs.

HelloReport wanted to shake up the property sector with a new campaign that would encourage a new perspective within the market, particularly among their corporate, cookie cutter competitors. The solution came in the form of the ‘HelloReport Guardian Angel’, a brand mascot that both highlights the key benefits and messages of HelloReport while retaining the perfect balance of playfulness and professionalism.

The campaign utilises contemporary illustrations to appeal to a wide demographic while ensuring it remains relevant to the desired audience through the use of its deep, corporate palette and confident, no nonsense messaging approach. The striking visuals successfully provided a fresh perspective within the crowded market, helping to position HelloReport as a forward-thinking brand with an approachable yet reliable culture.


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