AkzoNobel’s hugely successful pairing with McLaren as the exclusive partner of coatings solutions for the F1 Team, recently led to another opportunity to work alongside the global brand and universally recognised sports team.

As the lead of production, we were tasked with the creation of a promotional video, celebrating 60 years of the McLaren Racing team. Featuring Lando Norris, the challenge was simple; to select his favourite colour from McLaren’s iconic cars from the past, and try to recreate it using AkzoNobel's digital tools and Sikkens paint.

No better setting for the filming, our work on recording and production took place with a select team of people at the acclaimed McLaren Technology Centre in Woking. Surrounded by the numerous successes of the F1 team and steeped in racing history, we capture Lando making simple work of the car respray using the iconic McLaren colour of Papaya and the amazing colour match technology from AkzoNobel.

A great end to an interesting year, our day with the McLaren team and Lando Norris formed the start of the production of the finished video. Taken back to the studio for final editing and finishing touches, we also had the chance to reflect on a great experience and a job we'll always remember.


You can find the full video attached below to check out our work and to find out if Lando was successful in matching the papaya colour!



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