Kerr Scott has joined Intimation’s design team this week, working from the Dunbar studio.

A Graphic Designer, Kerr graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University, securing his degree in Graphic Design for Digital Media, with Distinction.

In his busy first week with the Intimation design team, we asked him some quick fire questions, to find out where his passion for design came from;

Kerr Scott – Designer

Design influences?

  • One classic designer that I love: El Lissitzky
  • One modern designer that I love: Olly Moss

Preferred design style?

  • I enjoy sleek, Swiss style minimalistic designs with a keen typographical influence. My previous work has been in designing for Web so I concentrate on scalability and pixel perfect graphics.

Type of design work?

  • I love doing digital illustrations (most are a bit whacky and abstract!) and love it when I get to turn these designs into animations / motion graphics.

What drives you?

  • My ‘passion for design’ is always when I see something I have designed or created being used in context. e.g. seeing my poster on a bus, or seeing a carefully worked animation being used at a an event and seeing how people interact with it – love it – so rewarding!

Outside work?

  • I am a massive Sci-Fi buff and collector of classic Sci-Fi novels / comics / art / films / games etc. but also have a passion for music (being a drummer); I can produce a tune on most instruments
  • Any spare time is taken up mostly with my two year-old daughter Iris and my partner Shannon, although whenever I can grab a minute, I’ll try to catch up on my gaming (Sci-Fi RPG’s or MMO’s)

Anything else we should know?

  • I have travelled extensively around the globe and have previously lived in Vietnam and New Zealand

Welcome to the team Kerr!


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