As the North East's only facility to combine certified welding training and market leading welding consultancy, WDC required an ownable visual language that would mirror their distinctive offering within the area.

The team at WDC provided us with invaluable information on their vision and purpose of the organisation which helped to shape our approach to the project. Through this insight we began by developing concepts that we then developed and refined by working closely with the businesses key stake holders.

The key elements of the logo take inspiration from the core ideology of the business, representing the idea of sparking a new generation of welding engineers and examiners through the training and certification opportunities they provide. The understanding of the welding process helped to influence the aesthetics of the identity which was reflected within the logo itself as well as primary and secondary colour palettes.

Deep, metallic tones were brought into the palette to provide a strong background and a bold contrast to brighter elements within the logo mark.

The spark inspired mark features an accurate selection of colours that reflect the vibrant blue in the arc, through to warmer orange tones as the mark disperses. The supporting typography was refined to add a subtle nod to the aspect of welding, with the reduction of the kerning between the letter forms to represent the welding process.

The supporting art direction was considered for use across various collateral to offer striking light and shade within visuals again, utilising the contrast of dark tones within shadow and the energy and dynamism of the sparks coming from the weld ,which, coupled with the intensity and vibrancy of the logo, together produced an intriguing and distinctive look and feel.

Once the refinement of the branding was complete we then produced a set of coherent brand guidelines to help ensure consistent application across all touch-points such as the company's website, workwear, signage and more.

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