Explainer Video / Animation / Scriptwriting / Video Creation / Motion Graphics

We were asked to put forward a proposal for Interdigitate, an experienced team of professionals who work with businesses and organisations to enhance customer service quality, make process improvements and deliver operational efficiency.
Their unique set of requirements included the creation of an explainer video, promoting Interdigitate’s Sentiers brand; a software program developed for the healthcare sector, affording GP practices the ability to correctly signpost patients, whilst ensuring the correct care is offered in a timely and appropriate manner.

Securing the work based upon our open, honest and straightforward communications and understanding and interpretation of the project, work commenced with a proposed storyboard of the main scenes.

"We were encouraged by their open, honest and very transparent communication style and belief that they truly listened to our brief, tapping into our needs as a client."

Simon Merchant

A brief, and informative script was written based around the clear advantages of the Sentiers software, applying the copy to the visual communication, with a voiceover artist selected with care taken to match the delivery, tone and artist to the target demographic.


The video content effectively communicates the benefits of the software in an engaging way, which allows viewers find out more about empowering their teams to better signpost patients across the NHS.

"We had a hugely positive and professional experience with a team who produced what they promised and overcame any issues as they arose. Exceptional communication has formed a trust between Interdigitate and Intimation, which shall hopefully positively translate into future projects."

Simon Merchant

View the full explainer video above or find out more about Interdigitate by visiting their website here.



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