One of the most recent projects at Intimation has been the development of a website for a local business. Our Web Developers and Designers have been hard at work in the creation of a brand-new website interface and design for 60 Things Dunbar. This included rebranding and a good use of typography that was compatible with the theme of the site. The website is essentially a guide to the multiple attractions and activities for visitors to Dunbar. The overall goal of the site is to increase tourism in the area and being a practical hub, with links to 60 separate organisations based in the Dunbar area, is aimed at providing visitors with a positive experience when visiting the East Lothian town.


Our aim for the new site design was to create a site to prompt engagement. To do this we had to ensure that the content wasn’t excessive, as this would create a clutter due to the 60 things the site would be linked to. Planning and organising were key to make sure the site was easy to navigate and users could find what they were looking for instantaneously. We are confident that this completed project will bring 60 Things Dunbar better results!


At Intimation we have a highly experienced and skilled team with an exceptional track record in terms of what we do, whether that be branding, general design, marketing and print. However, we have specifically seen very good results from other local sites we’ve completed within similar industries to 60 Things Dunbar. Moray Speyside, Visit Berwickshire Coast and Berwick Ambassadors are all recent examples of Intimation’s completed sites in the tourism sector. We are going to ensure that our services continue to provide all our clients with the best results possible.


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