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Many organisations these days claim to be different but how many actually are? Throughout all types of industries, there's arguably more claims of this than ever before, but to boast distinction, is a far cry from actually living and breathing it.
EMG Solicitors are most definitely one of the few that can rightly claim they are distinctly different, projecting their point of difference and authenticity on a daily basis, through the work they do with their clients, partners and the wider community. This has undoubtedly been the catalyst that has helped set them apart from their competitors and paved the way for their unwavering success over a relatively short space of time.

As EMG were gearing up to celebrate their 10th year of trading, they were looking to create something special that could communicate and capture the team reflecting on 10 successful years in business.

The concept of "Imagine a Law Firm" was proposed by EMG and provided the foundation for how we would approach, what was, a fairly loose brief. From this, we quickly began to explore and develop some initial rough ideas.


They had worked hard to create a company ethos that was built on a consistent set of core values and these were instantly apparent as the golden thread that ran through everything that they do. This was their point of difference, and this was exactly what we needed to capture.

With that in mind, we knew that we needed to tackle the project in a way that could authentically and effectively bottle the essence of EMG to create something which could really make the audience sense this, alongside the distinctive personalities and characters of the team.


Our proposition was formed around the idea of creating a hero piece in the shape of a campaign video that would focus on the individual personalities, to allow the audience to get a true sense of them as people, as well as bring the values of the business through with a genuine feel of authenticity.

In theory, we knew it could work but the question was, were the team at EMG up for it? Well, of course, they were!

We developed a creative script based on the values that highlighted the genuine and empathetic approach of each team member, with the idea of this being delivered by the individuals themselves. This then led to defining the art direction and developing the storyboards.

The concept involved isolating the team members within an expansive open space in order to create a sense of vulnerability that would assist in building an openness which would strengthen the engagement with the audience/viewer.

The unique type of setting required led to us shooting at the home of our Newcastle studio, Kingsland Church in Byker. The perfect location to capture the desired feel.

A simple and stripped-back set offered the backdrop to the direction along with the idea of featuring a series of framed images that would act as a visual timeline of EMG's 10 years; in turn, acting as the glue to hold the whole piece together and provide a device to bring the audience in and out of a range of visuals and footage showing memories and milestones from throughout their decade together.

Once the final edit was complete, the video was used as a hero asset to support social media posts announcing their 10th anniversary which was built up through a range of initial teasers to help build anticipation to the release date. The "Imagine a Law Firm" campaign has so far been a huge success and will continue throughout the following months, including a series of "reflections" from the 10 years, by each of the company Directors as well as a range of supporting print and digital touchpoints.

EMG Solicitors continue to grow and now employs over 150 colleagues across 5 offices with a view to further UK expansion in the future.

A great achievement from a north-east based company, and huge congratulations to all of the team at EMG. We'll look forward to following them through the next chapter of their journey.

You can check the video out below, and watch this space for some behind-the-scenes footage coming very soon!

In addition to the overarching campaign video, three talking head style videos featuring each of the Directors were created with Emma's being premiered at the 10-Year Anniversary Dinner at Durham Cathedral.

Thank you for producing what I can only describe as a beautifully authentic video celebrating what we do, and how we do it differently.

Since the release of the video, I've genuinely been stopped by parents on the school run, received texts from people I haven't spoken to in a while, and had neighbours grab me in the street. All to tell me how much they loved/were moved by/felt the authenticity of our video. That's pretty powerful.

I knew we loved it, but to see people outside our organisation love it too feels utterly awesome.

Jemma Morland
Director Solicitor
EMG Solicitors

You can find out more about EMG Solicitors at their website www.emgsolicitors.com and follow them for updates on their social media channels, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Special thanks to all of the team at EMG and Sam Brown, Zak Brierley and Jake Leonard for the videography and assistance, and last but not least, The Grove in Byker for providing the perfect stool!


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